In the middle of January when our dreams are about green grass and sunshine, we find so much satisfaction in digging our hands into some dirt to design a terrarium. On Wednesday night, a fun group of ladies gathered together to learn how to create their own terrarium beauties!

First, Ellie explained the importance of natural layers in a terrarium. She started with a layer of pea rock to create drainage for the water. Next, she added a layer of charcoal to protect against bacteria growth. Finally she added a layer of green moss and soil to nourish the plants.

She picked out her plants, secured them into the soil, and finished it off with reindeer moss and polished rocks.

The ladies looked through our collection of tiny green plants including ferns, baby tears, peperomia, orchids, and mini palms to find the perfect plants for themselves.

There was a lot of laughing and chatting while everyone designed their terrariums; these ladies got very creative with their decorations! Some used a mix of shiny white and black rocks for a clean modern look, and some ladies used beach rocks with driftwood for a natural look. All of them turned out beautifully!

Each terrarium was unique, and we were so impressed with the creativity of these ladies!

Our next class in on March 22, and we will be making bulb gardens. We will use spring bulbs such as tulips, hyacinth, daffodils and muscari. These are very fun to watch as they grow and bloom inside your home. Call us at 218.279.3444 or e-mail us at to reserve a spot in class!

~Sarah & Ellie