• The Floral Spray comes on a metal easel and arranged in a oasis foam cage. This arrangement can be created in pale colors, neutral/white or a colorful color palette. The $175 floral spray is about 16" long and about 13" wide.
  • Floral tape is useful in many ways. If you have a pod on a stick, and would like to extend the stick even longer, use floral tape to attach the stick to a hyacinth stake! Sold individually
  • Flower Child Accessories

    We have a few options to make your flower girl feel so special! Choose from a mini bouquet, a floral crown, a greenery crown, or a bag of rose petals (or a combination of any of these)! The rose petals do not include a basket.
  • This cozy gift set includes:
    • 16 oz stoneware "Grab a Blanket: Get Cozy" mug
    • 4.1 oz tin Vintage Velvet Candle (notes of amber and fresh linen)
    • Gold Tea steeper
  • This good vibes gift set includes:
    • a "Good Vibes Only" card (blank inside)
    • a "Be A Good Human" pinback button
    • a 5"x7" "All Bodies Are Good Bodies" print
    • a deck of 100 Things to Boost Your Karma cards
  • Sale!
    This grapefruit inspired gift set includes:
    • Grapefruit sticker
    • Grapefruit notepad
    • Duluth Candle Company 4 oz Pink Grapefruit candle
    • Light pink Porter water bottle (glass and silicone)
  • This autumn harvest inspired arrangement comes in an orange or white ceramic pumpkin arranged with chicken wire as the structure. The Harvest Pumpkin includes a mix of fresh fall mums, free spirit roses, fall textures and some silky pampas grass. Flower types are subject to change due to availability.
  • Hello Baby Card Comes with white envelope and blank inside
  • This Holiday centerpiece comes arranged in a circular tray containing oasis foam. This arrangement contains a mix of fresh winter greens, dried pomegranates, and red berries with a 4"D x 7"H Balsam & Cedar Illume candle in the center. The candle comes in a glass cylinder vase to protect the winter greens from the flame of the candle. This arrangement stands about 8" high and about 13" wide. The candle scent has notes of fresh balsam, oak moss and eucalyptus. (Winter greens are subject to change depending on availability) 
  • Sale!

    Hope Philodendron

    This plant comes potted in a 5.5"H 6.5"D cream and white pot with a layer of small rock and moss at the bottom for drainage. The Hope Philodendron likes bright indirect light. Keep out of direct sunlight. Over exposer to hot, bright light could burn the leaves. Hope Philodendrons like moist soil but not to be saturated. Let the top 50%-75% of the soil dry out before watering. They thrive in a humid environment, so misting about twice a week can help the plant grow. Rotate your plant periodically to ensure even growth on all sides and dust the leaves often so the plant can photosynthesize efficiently. If you have any yellow or severely damaged leaves cut them off to promote new growth. Hope Philodendrons can be toxic to animals if ingested.
  • This plant is potted in a 4.5" cream ceramic pot with small rocks in the bottom for drainage. Hoyas do best in bright indirect sunlight and like to dry out between watering. They are a slow growing, easy care tropical plant. Hoyas can bloom under perfect conditions, but this is very rare in Minnesota sunlight.  
  • Hyacinth Stakes

    Hyacinth stakes help add height to the pods you choose to use in your arrangement. Use a hot glue gun to glue your pod onto a hyacinth stake, and insert it into your arrangement. Sold in packs of 5 or 10

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