• Aloe Vera plant potted in a 5" white and beige colored ceramic pot. A layer of pea rock at the bottom of the pot creates drainage and it is topped with a layer of sand. This low maintenance plant is great for a new plant parent.
  • This boho inspired dried arrangement is made with 2 stems of dried pampas grass, one tall dried palm, one short dried palm and two stems of banksia proteas arranged in a concrete burnt orange vase. Stands about 2ft tall and 8in wide
  • This boho inspired gift set includes:
    • 10 oz stoneware cup
    • Black & tan tea towel
    • Naturalight Pomegranate Currant 3 oz wax melt
    • Sea grass woven coasters (set of 4)
  • This large canvas bag can hold anything a cool mom could need.
  • Designer’s Choice

    Our designers will work with what is most fresh and inspiring in the moment! This arrangement will range in size, design style, and color palette based on seasonal availability. This arrangement is completely up to the designer regarding the container choice, flowers used, and overall size/style. If you would like something specific, please contact us to discuss a custom order.
  • This package includes a classic Flora North bridal bouquet and boutonniere for your small elopement! These pieces are completely designer's choice- you choose a colorful OR neutral palette, and we choose the freshest flowers available! The attached photos are examples only, to demonstrate the style of our bridal bouquets. Approximate size of the bridal bouquet is 12-16" at the largest point. Each of our arrangements is custom designed. Final product will vary from photograph.
  • Hanging a eucalyptus bundle in your shower has many benefits! It can help clear up a stuffy nose, promote relaxation, and provide aromatherapy to help you destress. Plus, it just smells so good, and looks gorgeous! We gather a small bundle of stems, and secure it with a piece of wrapped wire, so you can hang the swag wherever you would like. Most people will attach it near the shower head, and let the steam release the natural oils of the eucalyptus. It is quite lovely! The overall size of the shower swag is roughly 12" long x 6" wide.
  • Floral Crate

    The Floral Crate is a gorgeous statement piece. This could make a gorgeous backdrop for an urn, or it is a show stopper piece to send to a friend's home if they have lost a loved one. We use our popular wooden crate as a base, and fill it with seasonal blooms to create a beautiful sentiment. The Standard is approximately 16" long x 16" tall The Deluxe is approximately 28" long x 20" tall Each of our arrangements is custom designed. Final product may vary from photograph.
  • This grapefruit inspired gift set includes:
    • Grapefruit sticker
    • Grapefruit notepad
    • Duluth Candle Company 4 oz Pink Grapefruit candle
    • Light pink Porter water bottle (glass and silicone)
  • Hello Baby Card Comes with white envelope and blank inside
  • Juniper Bonsai tree potted in a 7" wide 3.5" tall dusty blue ceramic pot & topped with small rock
  • This plant loving gift set comes with:
    • 4.5" potted variegated pothos plant
    •  8 0z Eucalyptus Mint Naturalight candle (made in Duluth, MN)
    • 3x4 inch dark green aloe vera spiral notebook

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