4″ assorted cactus in terracotta sonro pot

(Cactus varieties will vary, no special requests please) 

Cacti are one of the easiest plants to take care of because you can literally forget about them! They are perfect for plant beginners.

Cacti love a warm window and plenty of sunlight. Keep in bright indirect light (yes, even cacti don’t like direct sun light). Cacti will thrive here in Minnesota in the summer months but might struggle a little in the winter. Make sure in the cold months to move your cacti away from cold areas, such as doorways and windows. If you want to keep your cacti thriving through the winter, we recommend keeping it in the warmest room in your house or a grow light.

Cacti must dry out between waterings. This plant is potted in a sandy, rocky soil that drains well. Cacti can go about 3-5 weeks without water in the summer and about 6-8 weeks without water in the winter. The best way to indicate that your cactus needs water is by feeling the soil. If you still feel some moisture, wait a little longer.  If you’re noticing wrinkles on your cactus, particularly towards the base of your plant, your plant is very dry and a soak-watering is in order.