This plant comes in a 4.5″ sundae pot with hole in the bottom for drainage and a tray.

Pilea peperomioides or also known as the Chinese Money plant are a rare plant that can be hard to find but very easy to care for.

Pileas like bright indirect sunlight and to dry out between waterings. Rotate your plant occasionally if it receives light from only one side so that it keeps a nice even shape. The most common reason for a pilea to die is from over watering. The leaves will indicate the plant needs to be watered by drooping a little. Pileas do best when they are watered from the bottom.

Also, Pileas like it warm! Keep your plant between 60 and 80 °F (15-30 °C). Make sure the temperature doesn’t go below 55° F (13° C) and avoid large fluctuations. Pileas will suffer exposure to over 100° F (35° C): the best solution is to place your plant in a warm room with big windows, but out of the way of direct sunlight.