The Bird Nest Fern has a fun and unique shape.  This plant is easy to care for and is very forgiving.

Care Instructions:

Light- Grows well in filtered sunlight to a moderate amount of shade. Don’t expose them to direct sunlight other than the very early morning sun. Harsh direct sunlight can burn the leaves. Indoors, an east- or north-facing window is ideal.

Water- The ferns prefer a consistent amount of soil moisture, but they don’t do well sitting in soggy soil. Water whenever the top inch of soil is dry. Avoid watering directly into the center of the plant, as this can encourage mold growth and rot in the dense nest. Aim water at the soil to avoid wetting the fern’s fronds.

This plant comes in a 4.5″ white paneled pot. It stands about 10″-12″tall and is about 10″-12″ wide.