November is the month that always feels like the real start to the holiday season – party invitations start coming in, family members somehow show up out of the blue every weekend, and the urge to put up one’s holiday decorations on November 1st becomes harder and harder to fight each year – which is why for this month’s arrangment we thought we would create something that would look perfect on any table, mantle, or counter for those unexpected occasions (as well as every other day of the week).

Like last month’s arrangement, this one is meant to last. We used one of our popular square birch boxes as the base and then filled it up with magnolia leaves, thistle, a variety of dried fruit, fresh eucalyptus, rolls of birch bark, rose hips, brunia, and various other seasonal greens. The neutral, muted colors make it something that will easily become part of your home decor, whatever it may be.

This arrangement is normally $65, but we’ll be selling it for $55 from November 1st to November 30th – so stop on down to the shop to see it in person while they’re around!

Photos by the wonderfully talented JaneCane Photography