We’re celebrating the New Year with a fresh Flower of the Month – Trick! In the cold month of January we’ve found that bringing some GREEN back into our lives refreshes our minds and lifts our spirits. Read on and follow the link at the bottom of this post to order a few stems for yourself today!


We love this fuzzy “flower” for its consistently vibrant color, its sculptural shape, and its long lifespan. These guys last for days and sometimes weeks!


Some people tell us Trick looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book. But it’s actually a member of the carnation family. The stem gives it away..


Trick is a very versatile stem and we use it regularly in a variety of design styles, from modern designs to gardenstyle bouquets. Above, we used it as a low-profile filler in bridal bouquets – alongside green hydrangea, geranium foliage, bupleurum, green tea roses and more.


Trick freshens up a room on these cold winter days as a single stem or in a group! Read on to find out how to purchase a 5-stem bunch – enjoy them all yourself or give a few to friends!

Order your Flowers of the Month today by following the simple instructions below…

1. Type your name, phone number, and preferred pick-up date/time in the text box below.

2. Click “Reserve Stems Now” to pay with a credit card or paypal account. (If you would prefer to pay upon pick-up or would like your arrangement delivered, please call us at 218-279-3444.)

||Regularly priced at $3/stem – Specially priced at $9.95/5 throughout January||

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