1) Sarah, Tell us a bit about yourself.

I live in Lakeside with my husband, 1 year old puppy, and 2 cats. I’m a Duluth native, and I love it here…I need to be near water and trees to feel at home. I am a creative soul, and flowers are pretty much my favorite thing ever. I’ve always been “artsy” but never really an artist until I found floral design. I love being outside in my garden, kayaking on Strand Lake, hiking with my dog Juniper, picking beach glass on Lake Superior, and spontaneously driving to my favorite coffee shop in Bayfield. Basically, my life revolves around flowers (and nature in general), my dog, my family, and coffee!


2) What about Bella do you love?

So many things. One of my favorite things is coming up with a fun color palette for the week. Sometimes I will decide to work with peach, coral, gray, green and yellow. Sometimes I will work with a rainbow of crazy colors. Sometimes I will work with white, green, and textural elements. It all depends on what I’m feeling, and I love that I get to create a feeling for the week.

I also love my little team. We work so well together, and we know how to support each other. I appreciate working in an environment where we work hard, have so much fun, and truly love what we do. We like each other so much that we even get together outside of work!

The big one is that I have learned so much here. I came to Bella not really knowing much about flowers at all, and 5 years later I can’t believe some of the crazy flower knowledge tucked away in my memory! There is still so much for me to learn, but I truly appreciate and value everything Angela has taught me over the years.


3) What is your favorite floral design style and why?

What a tough question for me!! Oh man…it’s really hard. I don’t think I have a specific design style that is my favorite; I love them all. I do have a favorite palette/feeling though. I really enjoy designing with an even mix of flowers and textural elements such as greens, pods, and berries. I enjoy using stems that have lots of life in them, and continue to grow and bloom, such as Star of Bethlehem, Godetia, Arabicum, Bupleurum and Hyacinth.


4) If you brought 3 plants home, what would they be?

Succulents are an obvious choice for me; super easy, really fun textures, and they love the sunlight that comes in from my South facing windows. Another would be a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. I love the look, and it’s easy to care for. I would need a bigger house though! An orchid is another plant I would bring home. I have a phalaenopsis at home, and it keeps blooming and blooming! I would take home a more exotic orchid like an oncidium or cymbidium.


5) What part of the business will you specialize in, if anything?

I will be specializing in design, and I will also be handling some of the social media. I will continue to order all of the flowers, make a lot of the daily arrangements, design weddings, funerals and events. I will also be the voice behind Instagram and Facebook, and writing some blog entries .


6) What are your favorite flowers?

Godetia, Hydrangea, Scabiosa Pods, Peonies, Dahlias, Zinnias, Tulips, Hyacinth, Billy Balls, Gomphrena, Ninebark, Amaranthus, Viburnum Berries, Scented Geranium, Bupleurum, Sedum, Star of Bethlehem, and Eremerus. Those are my favorite…as of now!


7) What at Bella makes you smile?

The happy bright flowers, combined with the cute little candles and gifts. The crate of textural plants set on a bed of moss. The rose petals scattered outside the door welcoming everyone to come see what’s inside. The flurry of phone calls, designing, delivering. And the thing that makes me smile the most is knowing that I’m a part of something that is successful, cheerful, soulful and beautiful.