It’s February, Flower Friends! This is typically a month full of red roses – but at Bella Flora, February is for Pink Mink Protea. Read on to learn how to order these at a discount throughout this Valentine’s month…


Protea plants are native to South Africa, but we generally get our stems from growers in Hawaii and California. There are hundreds of varieties of protea, but flower shops usually stick to a few favorites. “Pincussion” and “King” protea are a couple you may have seen before, but “Pink Mink” is definitely a favorite of ours.


Stems are extremely sturdy and usually right around 24″ in length. Some arrive partially open and some fully open. Neither the open-ness nor the color of a Pink Mink protea flower changes much during its lifespan as a cut stem. Pink Minks keep their rose pink hue until they begin to dry and fade a bit.


Because of their size, protea make excellent focal flowers. A single Pink Mink makes a statement in a vase with tropical foliage or with other flower varieties in a gardenstyle arrangement. We also like to arrange several of them together in a vase by themselves.


These tropical beauties will last 1-2 weeks – and they often dry beautifully. Their green foliage usually blackens over time due to a lack of sunlight, so do your best to keep them well-watered and in a warm, sunny spot.


Give us a call or click the link below to order your Pink Mink Protea today! What about getting a few for your home over Valentine’s Week….?

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