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Can I add fresh flowers into a potted plant?2021-02-11T14:33:40-06:00

We do not add flowers (in water tubes) into potted plants. We find that the water tubes disrupt the plant’s root system, and the water tubes do not provide enough water for the flowers to last longer than 24 hours. We recommend ordering a floral arrangement and a small potted plant to accompany it, OR we recommend ordering the greenery crate with fresh flowers added in. The greenery crate does not include a potted plant, but it is a very long-lasting arrangement!

Do you sell outdoor plants?2021-02-11T14:32:52-06:00

We do not typically sell any outdoor plants, but we do have a gorgeous selection of indoor plants ranging from succulents, to air plants, to orchids, to large statement plants, and everything in between!

Do you do weddings?2021-02-11T14:32:23-06:00

We no longer offer full service floral design, we have chosen to scale back a bit. We design gorgeous bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and hair flowers for couples who are having an intimate elopement, or for couples who are having a larger wedding who only want to invest in a few amazing accessories.

What is your delivery range? Can you send flowers across the country?2021-06-09T09:42:58-05:00

We deliver locally within 15 miles of our shop. We do not work with any wire services to deliver flowers outside of our 15-mile radius. We always recommend contacting a local flower shop in the area and placing an order directly with them!

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