A couple questions for the new owners of Bella Flora, Inc….Ellie & Sarah


Hi girls, nice to meet you.  We have some questions….the first one,
Are you still going to have classes?
Yes, we will still offer classes. We are excited to share our new plant, floral design,
and decorating ideas with our clients. We will also be inviting Angela back to teach
a couple of special classes.
What changes will be made to the shop?
Although many aspects of Bella will remain the same, we will be putting a fresh
spin on everything. We will be making a few cosmetic changes, bringing in
new lines of merchandise, while continuing to provide special treasures that
you just cannot find anywhere else. We are focused on supporting local
artists and business owners by offering more locally made gifts and locally grown
What about weddings?
We will continue to offer the same services that we always have to our wedding clients.
We will expand our wedding “menu” as well.  Stay tuned!
What about my Gift Certificates?
Of course, we will honor any Bella Flora gift certificate that you have. We want you
to come and see us, and experience the changes happening here.
Will my account change?
As of right now all account information would stay the same. If any changes are
planned, we will provide plenty of notice to all of our clients.
Will you still carry plants?
Yes, we will! We are both plant lovers, and we love the texture and freshness
plants bring to the shop and our homes. We get pretty excited about plants around
here, so we will continue to carry a variety of awesome indoor green and blooming
Will your social media change?
Not very much.  Bella has a great social media presence on many channels.   We will
continue to build our Instagram, Facebook,  and Pinterest followers as well as our
Newsletter subscribers. We will use all of these channels to keep you up to date on
shop happenings.  Whether it’s a crazy plant, a huge peony, a new letter press card, or
a locally made candle, we will be telling you all about it.
Will we still see all of Bella’s familiar faces?
YES!! Bella is a happy little family and that is not going to change one bit!
Will you change the front of the shop?
We love the logo, so we won’t be changing that. The name “Angela’s Bella Flora, Inc.” will change to “Bella Flora, Inc.”. We may add some cute window boxes, but other than that it will look like the Bella Flora you have always known and loved.  We are excited to make some gorgeous changes to the inside of the shop as we move ahead.
Will you still send out newsletters?
We will continue to send out newsletters. We think it is important to stay in contact with our clients who like to hear what’s going on in the shop. We will use the newsletter as a way to showcase our Flower of the Month and Arrangement of the Month, as well as to let you know about any fresh flower deals!
Who will write the Blog?
Blog entries will be coming to you from our “Bella Blog Team.” It will include entries from Ellie, Sarah, & Rachel.
Stay tuned to see what we have to share!
Thanks for this ladies….but we are wanting to know a little bit more about each of you.  Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
For those of you who are ready to stop here, thanks for coming so far.  We hope to see you in the shop soon!